Away Program: Always Welcome At YMCA's

The AWAY Program is based on our philosophy that we are a nationwide family — a family that supports reciprocity and believes in the mission, the character values, and the collective YMCA cause that strengthens the foundations of community. As a member of the Y, you have access to participating Y’s in other cities.

Here’s how it works: The Y will welcome full-privilege members from out of state Ys who carry a valid YMCA membership card and provide a photo ID. “Full-privilege members” are defined as members who have full access to their Y’s facilities. Once verified AWAY guests are permitted to use our facility free of charge for up to 5 visits per month. Once the 5 visit limit has been reached a $5.00 guest fee will be offered.

YMCA AWAY policies vary by branch, so always call or email first to inquire.