Childcare Scholarship Information

Scholarship Program:
It is the YMCA policy that no one be turned away due to an inability to pay. If you feel you might qualify for financial assistance, please complete the application and provide the two most recent pay stubs for adult wage earners in the home, or the past years tax documents.

Child Care scholarships are awarded based on monthly pre-tax income. Child support and government assistance are not included in income, but are considered when making the award decision.

It is the Child Care Department's policy that families with a parent in the home who is not currently working do not need assistance with child care payments as they are able to pick their child up from school on their own. If they would still like to enroll their child in the program for enrichment purposes they are welcome to pay the regular price. Parents who are beginning new jobs and have not yet received pay stubs may have a letter written by their employer stating their pay and expected number of hours/week.

Parents who are attending school full time must submit a copy of their current school schedule to be considered for the scholarship program.

Child Care Department scholarships will be awarded for the Fall and Spring semesters of the school year, as well as and summer. Parents will need to apply at the beginning of each of these time periods. Scholarships will not carry over into the next semester.

Scholarships awarded for the ASDC program also apply to Day Camps. It is not necessary to re-apply.

Click here to view or print the current scholarship application.

For questions or concerns about the After School program please email DeeAnna.

For questions or concerns about your account please email Jeannette.

Child Care Services
We encourage families qualifying for our scholarship program to contact the Child Care Services program located in the Workforce Solutions Building to see if they qualify for that program. For more information about that program click here.