Exciting Changes Coming Soon!

As many of you witnessed the Y took a hard hit from the series of storms in May. The damaged made it slightly inconvenient at times, was a sight for sore eyes and left a distasteful odor throughout the building.

2020 has been tough on us. But there is some good news! 
We are actively working with our contractors, Reclaim Construction to give you what you deserve. Some much needed updates.

The floor renovation project is scheduled to begin Monday, September 14. The project will be done in sections, allowing for activity to continue. Here is what is first!

The hallway directly infront of the Welcome Center down to the childcare door will be closed for roughly 4 days.

During this time access to the community room for fitness classes will have to be done through the exterior doors.

Padilla Painting will do most of their work during non-operational hours. The Y will CLOSE ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27 to complete the project. 

There will be some noise as the floors must be scraped and resurfaced. We are almost done the renovations and it will look amazing as we get all back in order.

Here is what you can expect!

  • New Roof - Completed
  • New HVAC Units - Completed
  • New flooring in the following areas:
    Main hallways - September 14 -26, 2020: During the redo of the floors in the main hall and lobby you will experience some re-routing. The Y notify members of route changes.
  • Admin offices - Completed
    Welcome Center - Completed
    Childcare - Completed
    Community Room - Completed
    Womens & Mens Locker Area - Completed
    Cardio Center - Completed
  • New Exterior Signage - In progress
  • New Lockers (Men & Women) - TBD
  • New Security System - Completed

Updates provided as they become available!

The renovation will require some changes to scheduling, classes, equipment and operations. We ask for your patience during this time. As always, our staff will work hard to make members our priority.