Pound for Pound Challenge

 In the Pound for Pound challenge all participants were weighed prior to competing. Participants body weight was placed on the bar (to the nearest 5 lbs.) and participants performed the bench press until fatique set in and a proper press could no longer be performed. Repitions were counted and the participant with the most reps was declared the Strong Man champion and awareded the first Pound for Pound trophy.

October 19 - 21
3:00pm - 9:00pm

YMCA's First Pound for Pound Challenge Winner
Morris Smith and Wellness Coordinator Stacy Duffell
Morris completed the challenge having lifted 190 lbs. a total of 30x's


 2nd Place: Matthew Garcia
3rd Place: Jacob Nino
4th Place:Ramiro Guerrero
6th Place: Quinn Barfield
6th Place: Michael Moses