S.A.Q Clinics

Speed  Agility  Quickness

These clinics are designed to help your young athlete with improvements in core develpoment, change of direction, linear speed, and lateral movement. We will have age appropriate weight lifting and athletic conditioning. Kids involved in any type of movement or activity will improve greatly with this course. A vast array of drills for speed, agility and plyometrics will be covered each week with technical execution of every movement to provide the best improvement. This course will not be sport specific and will utilize a variety of equipment.

Coaches will be former collegiate and pro athletes with the ability to teach and demonstrate proper technique and drills to ensure safety and efficiency of movement that will transfer to the athlete's sport.

This clinic is designed for Middle and High School students.

Sessions offered monthly
Class held on Sundays from 1:30pm - 2:45pm
$40 per month

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