Facility Update

March 4, 2021


Dear Members, Guests and Program Participants,


As the COVID-19 crisis has unfolded throughout our community, we have said the safety of our members, children, staff and guests of our facilities is our top priority. The Y is not in a position to agree or disagree with Governor Abbott’s decision to lift the mask mandate, instead looking for ways to mitigate the concern that comes with that decision. We feel it is our responsibility to move into this slowly and with caution. With that being said this is what you can expect at the Y as of March 10, 2021.

  • All staff will be required to wear masks while on the clock and in their work space.
  • The Y will respect the decision made by the Governor and each individual’s decision to wear a mask while in the facility. BUT WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO CONTINUE WEARING A MASK.
  • BE RESPECTFUL of those around you and continue to SOCIAL DISTANCE.
  • BE RESPONSIBLE and continue to practice proper hygiene. Wash your hands, use sanitizing stations and wipe equipment before and after each use.

The above statement does not apply to our licensed childcare programs. When evaluating the circumstances around Covid-19 and these programs, different concerns arise. These programs include the After School Program, Little Explorer’s Preschool Program, Day Camp and Summer Day Camp.

These programs will continue to operate as usual, MASKS ARE REQUIRED. Parents of children in these programs should receive communication from their program director with further explanation.

As we continue navigating through these times, we ask that you remember that we are all in this together and that the fight against Covid-19 is still very real. Be kind, be respectful and be healthy. Thank you for STICKING WITH THE Y.


Angel Flores


Executive Director
YMCA of San Angelo



September 22, 2020

As we progress and work towards the Y as it was before COVID-19 we want to THANK YOU for your commitment to the Y. Please note there have been a few changes to operations since Governor Abbott's press conference on Thursday.

  • Gyms and exercise facilities and classes may operate up to 75% of occupancy. Members should not see a change in operations as we have not had to enforce occupancy.
  • Gloves are recommended, NO LONGER REQUIRED.
  • As before, masks are required in all areas. When exercising AND when able to achieve social distancing of 6 or more feet, masks are not required. When moving about in the hall, locker room and other common areas, MASKS are required.



August 28, 2020

We know that there are contrasting beliefs regarding face coverings and we are not in a position to take one side or the other. What we do know is that following the Order of Local Health Authority requiring the use of face coverings is essential to our continued operation. We have been given an official warning by the City of San Angelo. Further violations of the face covering order may result in fine or suspension of license.

Your patience and understanding regarding face coverings and other PPE is critical. We are asking all members, guests and program participants to properly wear masks while in or utilizing Y facilities. When in doubt, wear your face covering. 

At the Y we expect our members and guests to treat our staff with respect and comply with their requests regarding this matter. They are simply doing their job, one that is not easy.



July 6, 2020

During this time, it is important that we continuously communicate changes in operations to our members as it relates to Covid-19. The Covid-19 pandemic has evolved and escalated quickly. We are currently entering uncharted territory, cases are increasing at an alarming rate and effecting those close to us.

It is your RESPONSIBILITY as a member of the Y to familiarize yourself with and follow the guidelines set by state and local governement officials. Your actions have the potential to effect many. 

As advocates of Healthy Living and exercise we understand the importance of staying active and very much understand the frustrations associated with these mandated guidelines. We are asking you to help keep our doors open and allow us the opportunity to uphold our mission. Following these guidelines will help do that!




  • All persons entering the facility must pass a screening before entering the facility. Temperatures must be below 100.0˚
  • All members and guests 10 years and older must wear a face covering (over the nose and mouth) wherever it is not feasible to maintain a six feet of social distancing from another individual not in the same household or, for those exercising outdoors, wherever the individual is not able to maintain a safe physical distance from others NOT in the same household.
  • All members and guests must wear gloves that cover from their wrist to fingers while exercising.
  • All members must maintain 6 feet of separation from individuals not in the same household.
  • Disinfect any equipment BEFORE and AFTER us, including machines and dead weights.
  • Any outside equipment must be disinfected BEFORE and AFTER use.




  • All persons entering the facility must pass a screening before entering the facility. Temperatures must be below 100.0˚
  • All parents, spectators and other Y visitors 10 years and older must wear a face covering when in the YMCA and not exercising.
  • All patrons must maintain 6 feet of separation from individuals not in the same household.

Visit https://open.texas.gov/uploads/files/organization/opentexas/OpenTexas-Checklist-Gym-Exercise-Facility-Patrons.pdf for a complete look at the Governor’s Plan to Open Texas.



June 8, 2020

Beginning June 8, 2020 the following will be added to Phase 2 of the Y's Plan to Reopen.

  • Locker Rooms: Both men's and women's locker room's will be open. This will include shower areas, steam room and dry sauna.
  • Showers: To aid in social distancing every other shower is available for normal use.
  • Sauna and Steam Room: There is a maximum of (2) people and 15 minutes.
  • Towel Service will resume as normal.
  • Gloves are NO LONGER required, but recommended.
  • 1 hour facility time limit has been lifted. No restrictions regarding usage of facility. This does not include child watch services.



May 27, 2020

After more than a week of reopening the Y is confident and prepared to enter Phase 2 of reopening the Y. Phase 1 was limited and restricted which was frustrating for many. Many areas remained closed and most activities were canceled. While Phase 2 is not a full reopen of the facility it is progress and we are excited about it.

Phase 2 will begin June 1, 2020. In Phase 2 we will introduce group exercise and programming into to the plan. Every area, program and activity in Phase 2 will require members to social distance and continue to follow the previous guidelines related to sanitizing, cleaning and wearing PPE.

Group exercise classes will resume with a modified schedule. All participants will be required to wear gloves if handling equipment, social distance (6 feet) and sanitize their equipment before and following activity. Social distancing will mean a decrease in capacity and the amount of members we can allow in an area. Please be prepared. Group exercise classes will resume in both floor and water. Schedules coming soon.

The hot tub will be open for limited use and hours. Maximum of 2 people at a time and at opposite corners of the tub. Maximum time limit of 20 minutes to allow for more people to use.

Child watch will be available for members only. Click here for specifics.


Phase 2 will also include programming such as Elite Athlete Training Program, Tennis Clinics, Little Explorer's Preschool and Summer Day Camp. For any questions about these programs visit their unique program page right here on the website or contact 325.655.9106.

May 19, 2020

Our doors are open and we could not be more excited about the ability to serve our members through health and wellness at the Y. Thank you for your understanding during this process. We realize that the requirements are different and may be uncomfortable. With your cooperation we will get through this together.

The request for information regarding use of our pool has been overwhelming. The Y will open the pool Tuesday, May 26. The use of the pool will be modified and restricted to individual activity only. Below you will find a schedule of activities. 

Pool Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
6:00 am - 3:00 pm

Family Swim (by appointment only)
10:00 am - 4:45 pm

6:00 am - 8:00 am Lap Swim Full Length Lanes
8:00 am - 12:00 pm Individual Water Fitness Shallow End Only
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Lap Swim Full Lenth Lanes
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Sea Dragon's Swim Club Full Length Lanes


Complete details can be found on the aquatics section of the website.

With the announcement from Governor Abbott on May 18, 2020 the Y is launching a few programs for the Summer. The capacity for these programs will be limited and modification will be made to drop-off/pick-up procedures, spectators and more. A few of the programs we are currently registering for include Elite Athlete Training Program and Summer Tennis Clinic. More information coming on Summer Day Camp and Y World of Sports.


ATTACHED you will find the updated plan to reopen that includes the pool and programming. 


Best Wishes,

AJ Moore
Executive Director




  • What type of gloves can I wear?

The type of glove or material of does not matter. All gloves must cover from the wrist to the finger tips. Disposable gloves will be available for purchase at the Y for $1.00. Any gloves brought into the facility will be disinfected by Y staff prior to use.

  • What can I go in the gymnasium?

The basketball courts will be open for individual activities only. Members can exercise and shoot around but CANNOT play pick-up games of any sorts. Capacity will be restricted.

  • What do I have to do when the facility is open again?

When the facility re-opens, we would love to see you all! All memberships will remain active during this time and there is nothing additional you will be required to do. All drafts, termination dates, scholarship renewals, etc. will be scheduled as normal. Members will be charged a prorate for the month of May.

  • I have an annual membership, will the Y extend my membership?

Yes. The Y wants nothing more than to serve our members. All annual memberships will be extended the number of months the facility is required to be closed.

  • I feel that I will not be ready to return to the Y when it reopens, how can I place by membership on hold?

We understand your concern and are prepared to address your concerns. While the Y does not place memberships on hold we are prepared to process requests to terminate at this time. Any membership that is terminated due to the Coronavirus pandemic will avoid a joining fee when prepared to return. 

Requests to terminate can be emailed to Operations Assistant Lariss Rivera at [email protected]

  • I am worried about affording my membership when the facility re-opens.

Strengthening community is our cause and we refuse to turn anyone away due to the inability to pay. This is what sets us apart from those other places.

The Y offers scholarships for those in need due to financial strain from loss of employment, decrease in hours, expenses due to medical and more.
Financial Assistance is available and we want to award it to you!

  • What about all of the other programs the Y offers?

YMCA program directors are looking to postpone activities such as Youth Volleyball, Adult Co-Ed Volleyball and the Children's Fair.

Youth Volleyball will go directly into season with little to no practice time. So while you are at home pick-up a ball! The Children's Fair is important to the San Angelo community and we have worked too hard to give up now. A date will be announced soon!

  • What about Summer Day Camp Registration?

The Y is looking forward to the BEST SUMMER EVER. Registration is currently on hold and a date will be announced as soon as our current events subside. We look forward to seeing all of your children again. Date announcements will be made via Facebook, Twitter, Remind and on here on our website.

Should Summer Day Camp operate for the 2020 season there will be considerable changes. All SAISD campus are closed and the Y will not have access to these for Summer Day Camp. We are working on finding an alternate site. There will be stricter guidelines regarding illness and more. We ask that you understand and have patience while the Y works hard on a plan that is both thoughful of families and safe for all.