Helping You Raise Your Bar!

Personal Trainer profiles

There is no doubt that just by having a Y membership, you can ensure your family's lifestyle is healthier and more active. There are lots of things to do to stay active at the Y. Group exercise classes or you can make your own workout on the wellness floor. But sometimes, having professional help can be a huge benefit. That's when you get one of the Y's highly certified personal trainers on your side!

Personal trainers can help you if you're new to exercise and have no idea where to start. Or they can help you prepare for a marathon, Iron Man, Spartan Race, or other physical challenges. They can help you recover from surgery, stay healthy during and after pregnancy, or can simply keep you accountable. There are lots of reasons to hire a personal trainer. But here are five of our top reasons.

1. Get Personalized Workouts: Having a personal trainers means that you have a fitness expert's undivided attention. They'll help you lose body fat, if that's your goal, or make sure that you're not sacrificing strength as you prepare for a marathon. They know fitness and will customize your workouts based on what you need. 

2. Accountability: Personal training sessions are by appointment, so you're less likely to be a no-show. Through that alone, having a personal trainer will help you develop the habit of going to the gym regularly and consistently. 

3. You Build A Relationship: Your personal trainer is your ally. Your goals are their goals. They are just as invested in your time with them as you are. As you get to know your trainer and they get to know you, they'll be able to provide comfort and empathy as you work toward your goals.

4. Motivation: On days you don't feel motivated or want to slide, having a personal trainer can help remind you of your motivations. They're also there to help you get past any discouragement and stay focused. They'll also change up your workouts to keep it interesting, and that's a huge motivation! 

5. They'll Track Your Progress: They'll be keeping track of your progress along the way and use that information to help you set your short and long-term goals. And when you need the motivation, your trainer will be able to show you how far you've come since you first started and encourage you to keep progressing!

All of the YMCA of San Angelo's personal trainers have different niches, specialties, and training styles. They even have different personalities. To find the right trainer for you, go to your Y’s Welcome Center and let them know you are interested in Personal Training. They'll show you your location's Personal Trainer profiles, and you can get a feel for who would be a good fit. You can also talk with any Wellness Director or Specialist about personal training.