Day Camps - School Year


The YMCA After School Program offers day camps on most teacher work days, bad weather days and holidays. Day camps will be held at the YMCA located at 353 S. Randolph.

Capacity is lower due to COVID-19. Safety restrictions will be in place. Masks are recommended for all children and required for children 10 years +.

October 9     September 9
October 12 September 9
November 23 - 25 September 23
December 18 November 18
December 21 - 23 November 18
December 28 - 30 November 18
January 4 December 4
January 18 December 4
February 12 January 12
February 15 January 12
March 5 February 5
March 15 - 19 February 5


YMCA Members $20.00 per day / Non-Members $25.00 per day

Space is available on a first come-first served basis. We have limited capacity so we encourage parents to enroll early. To enroll in upcoming day camps, call 655-9106. Children who are currently enrolled in the afterschool program do not need additional registration forms filled out.

CCS Clients:
CCS clients MUST register in advance for camps - enrollment is not automatic. 
Children must be registered to attend. There are no exceptions.
Lunch reminder:
The YMCA provides breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack during day camp.


Day camps operate between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. Due to new COVID regulations, children must be dropped off BEFORE 9:00 am.

Registration Form:

Please note that if your child is currently enrolled in the afterschool program, you do not need to fill out another registration form.

Email link:

For questions or concerns about the Day Camp program please email Dustin

Financial Assistance Program:

Assistance awarded for the afterschool program also applies to Day Camps. It is not necessary to re-apply.
It is the YMCA policy that no one is turned away due to an inability to pay. If you feel you might qualify for financial assistance, please complete the application and provide the two most recent pay stubs for adult wage earners in the home, or the past years tax documents.
Click here to view or print the current Financial Assistance Application.