Youth Volleyball

Youth Volleyball League

The YMCA Youth Volleyball League is designed to introduce and advance the game of volleyball to players in the 3rd - 8th grade. Club and Recreational divisions are available. An end-of-season award will be presented to each participant.

Club Division (4th - 8th grade):

Players must register with a team, formed by the coach. Equal playing time is not guaranteed and is determined by the coach. 7 players are required to participate in the club division.

To increase the quality of officiating each club game will be officiated by two officials. This will require club games to be played on specific days of the week. 

Girls Recreational Division (3rd - 8th grade):
Boys Recreational Division (4th - 8th)

Teams are formed according to grade, area, and/or previous team. Players on recreational teams are guaranteed to receive equal playing time and play by traditional volleyball rules. This division is created to give players the opportunity to learn and prepare them for future play.


January 15 - February 22, 2024
Late Registration: February 23 - February 29, 2024
$15.00 late fee is applied to late registration

Program Fees: 

$60.00 Y-Members | $75.00 Non-Members

Program Information: 

Games are played on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings.
The season will start March 25 - May 19, 2024

Registration forms are available Here, or Register Online.

Coaches Volunteer Form 
Team Roster Form (coaches only)

Volleyball Clinic

This pre-season clinic will give your child the preparation needed for the upcoming season. Participants will undergo skill instruction, drills, and games. Clinics are instructed by former players and coaches. This is a program that has limited capacity.


January 15, 2024 until the first day of clinic or full

Clinic Dates:

February 26 - February 29, 2024
Spots are limited


3rd - 8th

Program Fees:

$50.00 Y-Members | $65.00 Non-Members


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Participants must bring a ball. 
Participants will be broken up into groups and remain in that group for the duration of the program. Groups will not mix.

Printable registration forms are available Here or Register Online.

(Must be done in person) 
*Register for both league and clinic, and you will receive a 25% discount on the clinic!
If registered online discount will NOT be applied.
Little Bumpers Volleyball

This league is designed for 1st and 2nd graders who have an interest in learning more about team play and volleyball specifically. Participants will meet once per week, for six weeks. The league will teach terminology, and basic fundamental skills, both individual and team play. Instructors will utilize fun, dynamic drills teaching footwork and conditioning.


January 15 - March 19, 2024 or until spots are filled


March 19 - April 24, 2024


Session 1 - 5:15 pm - 6:00 pm (1st grade)
Session 2 - 6:15 pm - 7:00 pm (2nd grade)

The child can be enrolled in either session, whether they are in 1st or 2nd grade. However, we would like to enhance their experience by enrolling in the session geared toward their grade level. Our aim is to enhance grouping for better cohesion, enabling us to cater to their needs effectively during this league/cam we would like to enhance their experience by enrolling in the session geared toward their grade level. Our aim is to enhance grouping for better connection, enabling us to cater to their needs effectively during this league/camp.


1st and 2nd

Program Fees:

$50.00 Members | $65.00 Non-Members 

Printable registration forms are available Here or Register Online.

*Participants must provide their own volleyball (volley light is preferred).

Contact the Welcome Center at 325.655.9106 for more information!

Financial Assistance:

While we try to make all of our programs affordable, we feel strongly that income should not be a barrier to becoming a member of the Y or participating in any of our programs. Therefore, thanks in large part to our Annual Campaign, we offer financial assistance to anyone in our community whose income doesn’t allow for a gym membership, swim lessons, youth sports, camp, after-school care, and so much more that the YMCA offers. Anyone can apply to receive financial assistance. Eligibility for financial assistance and the amount of financial assistance that can be given is determined on an individual basis. For more information, check our Financial Assistance Page.